Harvest Bible Chapel is focused on the quality of its discipleship. Therefore, Harvest isn't just a church WITH small groups; we're a church OF small groups. We encourage those in our fellowship to "get connected" by plugging into one of our small groups. These groups minister to and encourage one another in daily devotionals, effective prayer, and mutual accountability. This is where the church lives out being the church, building one another up and speaking the truth in love.



  • Love One Another – Care Intentionally
    • John 13:34, 1 Peter 4:8; Eph 4:15
    • Be earnest in my love at all times
    • Always speak the truth in love
    • Listen to understand, don’t assume or accuse
    • Pray for one another with compassion
  • Forgive One Another - Pursue Unity 
    • Eph 4:1-32; 1 Cor 1:10; Matt 18:15-20
    • Be quick to forgive and ask forgiveness
    • Let personal offenses roll off my back or to God in prayer
    • Model unity by resolving conflict quickly
    • Get the whole story, including both sides in personal conflict
  • Serve One Another – Minister Actively
    • Gal 5:13, Ex 17:11-12; Prov 19:20; 1 Cor 12:21-26
    • Be intentional in blessing others
    • Stay teachable and show deference
    • Be flexible to meet situational needs
    • Maximize my strengths and recognize my constraints
    • Be committed to the whole, not just the part
  • Submit To One Another – Esteem Others Highly
    • Eph 5:21; 1 Pt 5:5; Phil 2:3-4; Matt 7:3-5
    • Be the first to lead in humility and honor
    • Serve others’ interests before my own
    • Check my motives and expectations before speaking
    • Know my limits and respect the boundaries of others
  • Encourage One Another – Cultivate Redemptive Relationships
    • 1Thess 5:1; Rom 1:12; Eph 4:29
    • Be a safe person to get real with
    • Seek to build up always and never tear down
    • Complement other’s character when I think it twice
    • Value the person more then their performance
    • Point to Christ for hope and help
  • Be Devoted To One Another – Commit Wholeheartedly
    • Rom 12:5-10; Prv 17:17;; Prv 13:3
    • Be there in the hard times
    • Seek reconciliation between others
    • Guard my relationships with truth and love
    • Go gently if correction is needed

In order to protect this community, I will avoid both speaking or listening to unhealthy criticism of others and solve conflict biblically. Specifically, I will be discrete in my communication, correct slander and gossip immediately, and speak directly with those involved. I am committed to living out the values outlined above and will pursue to model Christ-like character and build up the church for Christ’s glory. 

Click for pdf of Covenant.



The Small Group Contract communicates what every small group member commits to maintain. It defines the guidelines for our community, communicates how every small group member commits to live, and defines the spirit of our community.

  • I will make my Small Group meetings a priority, and if I’m unable to attend or running late, I will call ahead.
  • I will come to my Small Group meeting prepared and ready to participate.
  • I will commit to my Small Group to focus on application of God’s Word to my life.
  • I will maintain confidentiality of the personal information that is shared within my Small Group. I understand my small group leader may communicate appropriate information to those in leadership as necessary and I trust his or her discernment in this.
  • I will be accountable to my small group concerning my personal and spiritual goals.
  • I will commit to a small group that is open to new members, and, as it grows, we will seek to multiply to further God’s work.
  • I will encourage other members to cultivate a daily quiet time with God.
  • I will pursue opportunities to share what God has done in our lives to those that do not know Jesus Christ.
  • I will pray and support the leadership of Harvest Bible Chapel to continue to seek God’s direction for our Small Group Ministry.

Click for pdf of Contract.


interested in joining a SMALL GROUP?

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